Group Companies
  • Water and Water Environment Management 01

    Guangdong Yue Hai Water Holdings Limited* (urban water supply & sewage treatment)
    Guangdong Yue Gang Water Supply Company Limited* (untreated water supply)
    Guangdong Yue Hai Pearl River Delta Water Supply Co., LtD. * (untreated water supply)
  • Urban Complex Development and Related Services 02

    Guangdong Land Holdings Limited (property development & investment)

    GDH Teem (Holdings) Limited* (commercial property, retail and department-store operation)

    Guangdong Yuegang Investment Development Co., LtD.* (real estate)

    GDH Real Estates (China) Limited (real estate)

  • Modern Industrial Park Development and Investment 03

    Yuehai Property Investment (International) Limited (modern industrial park)
    Shenzhen Dongshen Investment Holding Company Limited* (industrial property, hotel)
    GDH Supertime Malting Company Limited (malting)
    GDH Guangnan (Holdings) Limited (tinplates, fresh and live foodstuffs supply to Hong Kong)
    Guangdong Yuehai Huajin Technology Co., Ltd. (nonferrous metal (except aluminum) production and processing)
  • Industrial Finance 04

    GDH Finance Co., Ltd. (finance)